Amazing Buckminster Fuller stuff

I am wondering how could anyone be so creative?

“Among Buckminster Fuller’s more far reaching ideas was his proposal for a Cloud Nine structure. Cloud Nine was a project in which Fuller suggested that large spheres constructed using his geodesic dome structure could float and support living spaces for thousands of people. The geodesic dome is a structure which becomes much stronger as it becomes larger; Fuller along with others feels that a sphere of this construction is quite possible and has calculated that a geodesic sphere, a half mile in diameter, with all of its structure would weigh only one thousandth the amount of the weight of the air trapped inside. A sphere one mile in diameter, with interior air temperature raise only one degree would function as a huge hot air balloon and could support several thousand people. In Fuller’s image shown on the left, he has suggested that such spheres could possibly float between mountains and be tethered to them.”

Here is the  blog which contains this text.

Simply amazing!

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