What does it feel like to be in a collapsing economy?


My answer on Quora:

It feels like the end of the world. Everything you know and thought stable is melting around you. You feel the pressure mounting up while you are in a dark small place, deeply claustrophobic. You also feel like pursued animal cornered by predators. There is nowhere to go nowhere to run, nobody to help you. It feels like the end of the world. Depression starts to grow, health crumbles. You don’t have enough to eat, and what you eat is of very low quality. Borders are closed and you are unwanted in other countries. You are pariah, despised and outcasted for no reason. You loose all or most of the little pleasures of life, you look your friends and family suffering but you cant help much. It feels like a meat grinding machine and you are the meat. It will push you until the pressure becomes too much, many will crumble. Health problems become rampant, depression becomes collective. Many people loose their compass and start believing wild lies and illusions (crazy ideologies, superstitions). People go back and try to find and connect to deeper reality, religion is back even if most of that is ill understood and really not too deep.If you are like most of the people you will continue to believe in things that aren’t there any more: you go to work even you don’t get paid for many years (to keep the job), follow rules that don’t apply anymore and are useless. If you are intelligent enough all this can push you to evaluate the deepest of your assumptions and beliefs. Hopefully this will lead you in good direction.

Now a few suggestion: people who had some resources (financial reserves in foregin stable currencies, real estate, land) fared much better at least until they spent it. Having some prices skills was very valuable, but only later in the process.
Keep your health, as if your health goes there are no medicines(drugs) and no helpful doctors and working institutions.
In my life, family was essential. If not for support from my family, I don’t think I would be alive now to write this. You cant believe how essential it is to have somebody to support you in any way possible. Just the fact that is there someone who cares for you can give you hope and strength in the darkest of the times.
Understand that the disaster is man made, you are not personally responsible for it. Don’t feel guilt as that will kill you. If you are dead you cant help your family and friends. Things change and there were much worse period in history than what you endure currently. There is still beauty in life, nature and art. And it is free no matter how poor or desperate you are. Be brave things will change. After storm there is always beautiful weather.

1 thought on “What does it feel like to be in a collapsing economy?

  1. Sixbears

    Thank you for providing some insight on how the process feels. The collapse is here in the US, but it’s uneven. Some regions are going downhill faster than others. I’m thankful I do have family and friends for the dark days ahead.

    Thank you for pointing out that the disaster is not our fault. People personalize these things. They mistake the failure of the system for their failure.



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