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Hate to loose my writings all around trhe net. Here is my reply to a blog post:



Welcome to the future and it is dark and troublesome. But if you want you can embrace it and make the best out of it. You can see it as a jobless future, or you can see it a as a future of freedom, creativity and cooperation.

In my opinion corporations are like feudal structures, you got robber barons on the top, a couple of clerks and the rest of us: serfs. It is not natural nor in humane nature to be in such a state, and it is highly counterproductive and inefficient.

Unemployment is a state that does not exist in the nature, it is a human invention. You cant be unemployed at all. You hav to get food, cook, take care of children, repair your home, maintain and develop social connections, and the list of taks you need to do is endless. The problem is you are not granted with money for that. You are denied access to everything possible, but keep in mind: the best (and this is not an empty phrase) things are free, including family, health, personal fulfillment, creativity and so on.

And I argue that “they” shouldn’t block access to anything.
I was worried to death because I hadn’t a job an couldn’t support my family. If I’ continue with that I wouldn’t type this right now, I would be on greener pastures. I’ve decide to make peace with the situation I am in, and tried to make best out of it.

We do not need corporations for anything, they are the thing of the past. Dinosaurs, and free agents are the mammals.
But we cant go back to 18 century. We need to step into the future.
Self organized networks of free agents, in every area or economic life, that is my answer.

Few hints: Mondragon cooperative, Ricardo Semlers Semco (check out his fabulous book Seven Day Weekeend), Emilia Romagna network of coops and small business,
Peter Kropotkin: “Conquest of bread” and “Field factories and workshops”
Fiction: Voyage from Yesteryear by James Hogan
Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin etc.

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