Facebook rant

Nobody needs a job. What we need is access: to community, knowledge, energy, shelter…
Just living, parenting, cooking, learning, and everything else a responsible person does is a full time work.
And I would like to contribute in a meaningful way.

Here when people tell me they are seeking for a job, I tease them by asking them why do they want it? I have too much things to do, I do not need more, what I need is money (access to goods).

I think free agent society is coming as a side product of mass unemployment, at least here where I live. Unfortunately most people do not understand this, or cant cope with it. “Jobs” are gone, never to come back.
Small town where I live was in socialist times a small regional industrial center with plenty of factories, like perhaps forty or something like that. Now we have a couple of them most of them Italian owned slavery like sweatshops.

It is a fascinating trap. On one side you have millions of people unemployed, on other you have lack of everything possible (goods, services, materials…). And this is a global problem. How do you connect the resource people wanting to work with the need: need for everything available in 21 century? Do we need green paper (money) for that?

And I don’t think buying locally is going to help: eg buying American products. I mean you didn’t care when your mass production systems destroyed embryonic industries in many countries worldwide? Just like today Chinese crap products destroys local industries (here we buy mostly the same cheap Chinese crap, except people with “jobs”, they get to buy expensive western crap). But what goes around comes around, and now you people are in the same boat with the rest of us. The pinnacle of the irony is that Chinese people are in the same boat, and now the industry seeks cheaper labor (Cambodia, Haiti etc).
Enough of my unstructured ranting, hope I didn’t insult anyone.

2 thoughts on “Facebook rant

  1. Alex

    > Here when people tell me they are seeking for a job, I tease them by asking them why do they want it? I have too much things to do, I do not need more, *what I need is money (access to goods).*

    I like this part. Do you have any ideas how this could be accomplished? That is, how could we practically obtain goods without working for money?


  2. admin

    No, no idea. But there are things people can do: learn, improvise, make do with or without. Replace having things (tools,equipment, goods…) with knowing how to do things growing, building swapping, trading. learn about small business, then work at your own pace. Explore the term “simple life” on the internet. Want, less be more. Use free software, and read free culture material. There is endless supply of know how on the internet. Build networks. Work part time.

    Hopefully one days when enough people change their mindframe things will change. And no doubt new problems will arise.

    By the way most important things in life are free: health, family, friends, nature…

    One thing is sure: the mind frame that get us into this mess we have, wont take us out of it. I think world will change soon enough, and if you don’t accept it and prepare for it, it will do it for you and it will be much more painful. There are no given answers or recipes, everybody is different and in special situation. Use your advantages lessen your disadvantages. It is a road everybody must walk in his own shoes so to speak. Good luck and thanks for visiting.



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