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Ok you guys, so how come Hollywood creates all the crap it makes, while they have millions of dollars invested and whole army of say editors, advisors and other experts? 

95% of their stuff is really ugly, yet they still make money, a lot of money. I think the problem with writers, books and publishers is this: the whole publishing process and who gets published or not is about money, not about writers, stories and readers. The thing is: what is publishing after all? This is what internet file (book) sharing is asking us. Is publishing selling stuff or providing good stories for readers to enjoy?

If you want to provide a good story, write it and publish it on internet in whichever format you like (epub for example) then let the readers enjoy it. Heck this is what linux is doing: writing code then sharing it wit others. Aren’t books just code for people in a sense?
Of course providing a living for people gifted for writing is another issue which isn’t solved at all the time being.

Time for “publishing” my blog again!

Sasha Mrkailo 1 day ago in reply to Mr. Spocko
Why? Because only licensed experts can write? Art is something different. It is personal expression, and who is to judge a personal message and why? If you don’t like a book do not read it. Simple. 

Sasha Mrkailo 1 day ago in reply to

Sure, but I am fascinated by a fact that an individual can, and often does create far better stories compared to what large multi million industry is doing. 

A book , a movie, a comic – it is all about story. It seems that large organisations like studios simply cant generate or cant generate easily the level of creativity of an individual, self published writer. That was my point. You do not really need publishers except for non essential technicalities. You need publishers if you are into “industrial age” wealth creation, which is by necessity reserved for few.

Besides, there are independent creations that are much better than what is made by Hollywood. See for example Sintel Not a long movie, but fabulous (to me at least).

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