O intelektualnom razvoju deteta, John Medina, autor knjige Brain rules

Evo sta Medina kaze. Nisu u pitanju ni igracke ni uredjaji…
Najbolji pokazatelj koji moze da predvidi intelektualni razvoj deteta je emocionalna stabilnost u domu. Ako hocete da maksimalizujete intelektualni razvoj svog deteta, idite kuci i volite svog partnera.
Evo ga i kratak citat originala sa sajta autora   http://brainrules.blogspot.com/
Conversely, in some cultures, parents are especially present and try to stimulate their babies’ intellectual growth from the very first months. What are the effects of this enhanced involvement on children’s development?
The greatest predictor of intellectual success is the emotional stability of the home – not the presence of toys or devices built to improve infant cognitive development. Most of those products haven’t been tested, and the few that have been tested don’t work very well. One study actually showed it did more harm.
If you want to maximize your child’s intellectual growth, the best thing you can do is to go home and love your partner.

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