A charming way to look at aging. By Flemming Funch of


It is not really that aging is a downhill slide, where bodies just gradually fall apart. I’d rather see it as in a computer game, where things get harder as you go to higher levels. You’ve built up skills and resources, you can be comfortable with situations that previously would drive you crazy, but the game is harder and less forgiving, so one wrong move can take you out, temporarily or permanently. You are presented with many opportunities to negotiate the increased difficulty level. You can use any of those opportunities to increase your skill and wisdom and creativity, or you can use it as motivation to give up, to decide to just no longer do the activity that now is harder. You’ll see many examples around you, of people who chose one way or the other. Some people get old and tired while young, and others are in high spirits until they kick the bucket. Which eventually we all do, but why not exit with a high score worth bragging about, rather than as some kind of inevitable failure.