A short response on Musk worshipping

Something I received in my inbox. A cool newsletter promoting optimism. But with tis statement I do not really agree.

Elon Musk is humanity’s most valuable player.

Musk has been named Time Person of the Year and Financial Times Person of the Year.

Perfect choice. No human being contributes more to our positive future than Elon.

I wrote a blog post about why I think so.
Elon Musk: Humanity’s MVP

Do you agree? Why? Why not?

Mathias Sundin
CEO of Warp News
Executive Chairman of Warp Institute

Here is my short response

I do not agree. First of all, there is what 8 billion people on the planet? It is like saying one person is more important than billions of others. It is like saying one pc is better than billions of others. Not true. One supercomputer is pointless without the rest of the network. He is important don’t get me wrong. But not an idol, not someone we should all bow to. Just a smart and successful person. There are many, many others. Boring company wont work. There is no self driving ( I hope it will come eventually. Space x is not spreading human consciousness. Neuralink does not work and I think it never will. Interesting idea though.

Space X is a good thing but it rests on the shoulder of giants (US, SSSR etc). He ( Musk), is a libertarian techno dude. Their goal is to be superpowerfull and uber rich. Rest of us should become serfs. No, thank you. Oposes build back better infrastructure for US. Of course, he will live in his little bubble, the rest of us he doesn’t give a dime about. And so on and so fort.And perhaps the worst, not his guilt per se, but if he is such an ubermensch, what are rest of us, useless pawns? I don’t think so. Everyone of us needs to build and invent. One person is nothing, billion inventors can get human civilisation to a Star Trek TNG level civilisation at warp speed.

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